Sunday, July 13, 2008

Knott's Scary Farm 2008

The Funland blog from the L.A. Times has published the list of haunts for the 2008 Knott's Scary Farm.

There will be 6 brand new Mazes and 7 returning ones, bringing a total of 13 haunts to the event this fall.

The new haunts include one with a movie tie-in, this year to Quarantine (see full trailer here) which looks like a freaky movie so the maze could be pretty cool. Also new will be Slaughterhouse, Club Blood, and CornStalkers - all 3 of those already at other Cedar Fair parks - The Labyrinth, and Alien Annihilation.

That's sorta interesting to me, previously new mazes came from Scary Farm and then copies were done at other parks... now we have stuff that's 'new' to Knott's that's been at the other parks already.

Regardless, the event will still be awesome and I'll still be jealous of anyone who gets to go.