Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dorney Park 7.26.08 Update

Been a while since I stopped by Dorney so I decided to head over and see what's up at the park on a busy July Saturday.

They were in over, over, overflow parking. Basically, it looked like it was one of those days where they had to park cars anywhere they could. Behind Laser, next to Steel Force, just everywhere. I rarely see Screamin' Swing with people on it, let alone a line!

Just two general views of how crowded the midways were. I don't personally always go to ride anything, and on those trips I love when it's crowded because of how alive the park feels.

Meteor's line was out onto the midway, White Water Landing had quite a line, too. Voodoo's line filled most of it's queue - I timed a few dispatches and calculated they were running at about 450 pph. Ouch. At least it was open!

And look, Laser had a long line! The only had one train on. I didn't time any dispatches here, because I didn't have the patience to even make it through on cycle, it takes that long.

I did time some Steel Force dispatches, though. With three trains the crew was doing a fantastic job and my figures put them at well over 1,200 pph. Kudos.

The Season Pass Super Saver program is in effect, I found these signs at some locations in the park. There's probably more but I didn't see them.

The building for Club Blood is up in the backstage area next to White Water Landing. Can't wait for The Haunt!

Noticed this new hearse in the backstage area also... I'm sure it's awaiting a custom paint job.

They are building a permanent structure for the time share sales people. I know that's what this is because I asked. Ugh.

Another view. At the very least the structure looks not horrible itself.

And, I just found it really odd that this game was closed with no prizes out or anything. Maybe it's broken? You'd think they would have it open with a gazillion people at the park today if they could!