Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Geauga Lake Update

© 2008 ffejie via GeaugaLakeToday

This thread over at Geauga Lake Today has some photos of the demolition going on at the former Geauga Lake amusement park. They start in this thread and are constantly being updated.

Lots of stuff is coming down. The Double Loop coaster was cut to pieces and hauled away, most of the Happy Harbor area is in rubble (above), the Monorail station was torn down, Head Spin and Americana are being taken apart, and the Villain wooden coaster is just starting to get the knife.

It's also being reported on the site that Americana (ferris wheel), Black Squid (spider flat ride), and El Dorado (magic carpet flat ride) are going to Kings Dominion for next year. The news comes from a reputable source, and it's said that the rides will occupy Hypersonic's former area.

So Carowinds get the park's Boomerang coaster, and Kings Dominion gets some flats. Cedar Fair is really stretching out the park's ride's all the sudden, perhaps because they are way strapped for cash these days? Hmph.