Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Uhh, What About Dorney's Halloweekends?

Here's an ad that's in the Amusement Today 2007 Golden Ticket Awards. Predictable as they come, I always glance at these to see the advertisements that all the parks purchase for the 'bonus section' the magazine has the awards in.

Cedar Fair has their usual one showing off their awards, but also has this Halloween themed one.

Notice anything? Look at the bottom where it talks about the other Cedar Fair parks and lists their Halloween events. Dorney Park is oddly missing from the list.

At first I thought, well, only parks with "Halloween Haunt" events are listed. Then no, because Cedar Point's Halloweekends are.

That list is literally every Cedar Fair park with a Halloween event aside from Dorney! Geauga Lake and Michigan's Adventure have no event, Great America has a kids one and this year will have one Haunted House.

But Dorney Park has several attractions and entertainment and was ignored from the list. What could it all mean?