Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hershey Park 2008: Fahrenheit

What a busy day with announcements!

Hershey Park has announced their new Intamin coaster for 2008, Fahrenheit. Sorta a weird name if you ask me, but I'm sure in a week it'll sound perfectly normal.

The $12.1 million Intamin ride starts with a 121 ft. vertical lift, followed by a 97 degree drop at 58 mph. The 2,700 ft. long ride includes 6 inversions, including a Cobra Roll, two corkscrew elements, and a Norwegian loop.

The ride will have 3 trains, each seating 12 riders, for a hourly capacity of 850 riders. That means, get there when the park opens and ride first.

But wait there's more!

The park also announced Howler, a Wisdom Industries Tornado falt ride. This is not a picture of Hershey's, but here is a generic Tornado:

Lastly, they finally owed up to creating Nantimi as a viral marketing campaign. It certainly worked, the Nantimi website had 34,000 page views during the month that it was live. They did a really good job with that one. I followed the threads on several message boards about it, it was driving people crazy.

Here's a link to some official press releases, and a link to the Fahrenheit web page.