Monday, September 24, 2007

Geauga Lake Petition

Let yourself be heard...

I know that there is a good chance that a petition will not change the mind of anyone at Cedar Fair, but I'm trying to look at it another way.

The petition will certainly be read by them. At the very least you can voice what you think of their decision. Will it change anything? I don't know. Is it important to speak your peace? Yes.

Click here to go to the petition.


Joe C said...

The decision's already been made. I think Cedar Fair is making the right choice here. The amusement park side just isn't pulling the needed weight to not lose money. At least they can build Geauga Lake to be Ohio's water park destination, whereas Cedar Point is the Amusement destination, and King's Island is a mix between the two.

I could see keeping the ride side of GL if it wasn't so close to CP.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Well, I certainly agree that the decision has been made. It looks like it was made some time ago.

I think the park had a place in the market however. I'm also not sure they're really planning on building the water park into anything more. This might just be a stretched out process of closing the place down.