Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Hershey Park 2008

Users at Theme Park Review have been plying along with Hershey's viral marketing campaign for their new coaster for a while now. Recently, they started to notice many changes to the nantimi website.

Well some tricky decoding later, the details of which I have not paid attention to, they got to a bunch of images that flash on the screen. After capturing them, they were posted for all to see. The above image is one of those, and appears to be the layout for the ride.

I added the red and I'm not sure I'm correct on parts of the ride. There's an area in there where it looks like track might be and I don't have any in that spot, so who knows.

Still, we have the vertical lift that was talked about, inversions a plenty including a Norwegian Loop a la Speed Monster, and the ride would fit nicely on the hill area that the Western slides were on.

I'm sure this will develop even more before the official announcement. Stay tuned.