Thursday, September 6, 2007

Busch Gardens Tampa 2008: Jungala

Today, Busch Gardens Tampa announced their new for 2008 attraction, Jungala.

Jungala is a new 4-acre land inside the Florida theme park. The area will be lush and tropical, and features a mixture of animal exhibits, family rides and attractions, food, and entertainment.

The animal attractions feature Bengal Tigers among many other, including Orangutans and Flying Foxes.
The section also features a zip-line ride that has three separate paths rides follow over the area. That and a ride that "launches guests up above a towering waterfall," which, seen above, looks sorta like a family version of the classic "Frog Hopper" with a waterfall behind it. Add to that a family play structure and interactive water area for the tots, and you've got some family fun.

The area will have a couple food options as well to round out the offerings. Busch Gardens Tampa has the press release on their website, and will have a replay of their announcement webcast available later.