Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Geauga Lake Rides in New Homes

It's sad that Geauga Lake is closing, but it's going to happen whether we like it or not. In that line of thinking, it is curiously fun to wonder where the park's rides will end up. Let me preface with the fact that I have no insider info, these are just guesses.

Beaver Land Mine Ride: Valleyfair! and Dorney Park are both ripe for this smaller family coaster. Yes, both have Wild Mice coasters for families, but I know many adults who are scared of those types of rides. This coaster is perfect for families to ride together with the younger kids.

Thunderhawk: Michigan's Adventure

Dominator: Kings Dominion

Head Spin: Vekoma Boomerang. This really only makes sense at Carowinds, and an even better idea is to sell it to a park outside the chain.

Big Dipper: Should be sold to a park outside Cedar Fair. Pray that someone will step up and purchase it.

Double Loop: Sell it off, or most likely, it'll be sold for scrap.
Raging Wolf Bobs: Highly doubt this will move anywhere but to a dump.

Villain: This one might be moved, but I doubt it. I'm sure it'll be listed for sale but no one will buy. I'd move it to Great America.

Yo Yo: Sell off or trash.

Time Warp: Does this work well? I thought these rides were operating nightmares. If it's been fixed to work regularly I'd drop it into Michigan's Adventure in a year or so.

Thriller Bees: Great America needs to beef up their flat ride selection. Perhaps it's a fit?

Texas Twister: Looks like it's Great America's new for 2008 attraction.

Starfish: Help with capacity at Kings Island? Maybe rethemed to their kids' area.

Skyscraper: Garbage pile.

Pirate's Flight: Give it back to Great Adventure? No, really, I actually think the cheesy nature of this ride makes it perfect for Cedar Point.

Merrie Oldies: Probably cannibalized to several park's existing antique car rides.

Hay Baler: Probably no where.

El Dorado: Many parks have been removing this type of ride ... can't imagine it being moved.

Americana: Considering the former Paramount Parks don't have Ferris Wheels, you could pretty much throw it anywhere.

Black Squid: Probably not moving anywhere.

Boardwalk Typhoon: Do Scramblers ever die? I'm sure if they do not wish to move it the ride could be sold.

Bounty: See Boardwalk Typhoon above.

Dodgems: Please for the love to god move these to Dorney Park!

Carousel: I think perhaps Michigan's Adventure's Carousel is a newer one. This one is a wonderful old, classic one. Perhaps swap them out and give it a better location at MIA.

Dino Island/Lego Racers: Bye!

Grizzly Run: Perhaps it can be used as parts for the chain's other rapids rides.

Pepse Plunge: The same place that Cedar Point's log flume went to.

Shipwreck Falls: Move it next door to the water park. For real, it makes sense.

Children's Rides: Perfect for a Camp Snoopy or Nick area at Michigan's Adventure. Also, Valleyfair! could use a revamp of their children's section as well.