Thursday, September 6, 2007

More on Jungala

I watched the announcement video that Busch Gardens Tampa has on their website for Jungala. I didn't think the park released any good concept art, but there was some in the video so I did some screen caps.

Sadly, the park has Real or Windows Media player to pick from (how about neither?) to watch, so the quality is poor. I tried to fix up the grabs I took.

Cute logo - simple enough and will easily attract the families and children the area is meant to appeal to.

Here's a shot of the Tiger area. Looks pretty detailed.

Here's a shot of the Village area described in the press release. You can see the hang gliders going across the top of the area.

This is the climb and play structure. If done well, these can be cool. (see Disney parks)

A wide view of the area with the two rides and the play structure. You can see the free fall type ride in the background above the water fall. Also, the wires for the hang gliders.

A closer view of the free fall tower. I believe the video said it holds 14 rides at a time.

This is the load area of the free fall. It's located behind the water fall in a 35 ft. rock formation. This could be pretty cool.

That's all!