Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holy Six Flags Announcements, Batman

Six Flags just made some massive announcements for their 2008 capital spending plan. Here's a breakdown. I'll try to put more details for each addition when I update the 2008 tracker page.

Great Adventure, New England, and Great America: The Dark Knight Coaster. A Mack indoor coaster that's themed to the Joker and Batman. Sounds interesting, depending no whether they are serious about the theming or not.

Fiesta Texas: Goliath. Bathman the Ride from Six Flags New Orleans, it will not be themed, and will have yellow supports and bright blue track.

Great Escape: Wiggles World, and a new waterslide in the water park.

Over Georgia: Thomas Town to replace Deja Vu, yes that's right Deja Vu is being removed.

Over Texas and Discovery Kingdom: The previously announced Tony Hawk coasters.

St. Louis: Evel Knievel - a GCI Wooden twister coaster.

Phew - that's quite a bit.

I'm by far the most interested in the Dark Knight coasters. Wish there was some art for these rides! Maybe it'll turn up later today.