Friday, September 21, 2007

MGM Grand Adventures Rides Saved!

Almost out of nowhere, it now looks like two, maybe three, of the former rides from MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park in Las Vegas will be saved.

In central Fresno, California, work has just started on The Forest at Granite Park, a 10 acre entertainment park with 24 attractions.

The park will be part of The Village at Granite Park, a big development with everything from sports fields to restaurants and homes.

The above photo, © The Fresno Bee/Darrell Wong, shows dirt moving has begun on the amusement park. The park is to feature three roller coasters, one of which is the Lightning Bolt from the former MGM Theme Park.

Awesome! Glad that the ride will not end up as scrap. The article also mentions that they are going to add the former log flume from MGM Grand Adventures as well.

Now things get tricky. Here's the exactly quote that is confusing me: "The park also will house MGM Grand's log flume ride, which features two drops, and the nearby lazy river ride; a swing ride that launches...."

Are they talking about MGM's river rapids ride in that lazy river part? I'm not sure! How awesome would it be if all three rides ended up at the same park? Must do more research...
Here's a shot of The Village at Granite Park, where the park will be located. I just don't know how recent a picture this is: