Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dorney Voodoo Construction Update 9.22.07

Okay here's the construction pictures as I promised.

This is taken from the patio area next to Monster Grill. As you can see, the area where Skyscraper was is pretty torn up.

Zoomed in view of same area. You can see that almost all of the remaining walkway and foundation from Skyscraper has been gutted. There's some flags as well, but I think those are just utility markers.

Also from the Monster Grill patio, you can see that behind the food stand is where they started to rip out the Zephyr train tracks. Also some little flags and spray paint on the grass back here.

And, more markings next to the patio area as well. This picture is pretty lame. I wonder if they killed all those pine trees they planted back here, or if they've moved them. I always assumed they were using that area almost as a tree farm.

A closer view of the backside of the construction area. The gray stones on the left are where the Zephyr tracks were.

Moving to the opposite side of the construction site. Not too exciting, I put this one in mostly to give perspective of what the overall area looks like.

A muddy mess if you ask me. I like how they 'parked' the bulldozers for the weekend.

Lastly, here is where the Zephyr is living right now. It's behind some of Laser. This was taken in between the backside of Laser and the bathrooms back there.

That's it for now. Next up, a Halloweekends update.