Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dorney Halloweekends 2007 Part 1

Here's a photo review of Dorney Park's Halloweekends 2007. Be warned, if you've been to the Halloweekends event last year, or the year before for that matter, this will all seem very familiar.

But wait! The scary fun starts before you even enter the park!

Welcome to Halloweekends.

There's a bunch of new signs up. I'm not 100% sure if they are new, but if they are, then they are the 2007 addition to Halloweekends.

More banners. I do like them though, they're nice.

Still the best Halloweekends prop at the park.

Doctor of Doom is back as well. It had a very small line both times I was there.

Cedar Freak Cannonball returns as well. It actually had a line during the day when the scary stuff isn't going on.

I suppose these are haunted versions of the water cannons.

Umm, pretty?

Always confused me why they put up the Creepy sign during Halloweekends. There's nothing added to the ride, right? I didn't even seen that old Journey to the Center of the Earth prop by the loading station anymore. I'll leave you with that though, why is it creepy?

More earth-shattering Halloweekends in part 2 comin' up.