Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - A Kings Island Banshee Update

This edge on view of the crane also shows off the new signage on the fence next to Banshee, Kings Island new rollercoaster for 2014. 

This view from the Eiffel Tower shows how vertical construction is progressing with track already hung.

As assembly progresses, this might be the new station, instead of the transfer track we previously reported. We will have to get back to that topic on a later report. 

Looking past the Slingshot, there are many footers along with some more sections of track. 

 Plenty of support pieces are on site, and so Banshee should continue go up quickly.

 Here is what it looks like without the Slingshot in the way. Somehow a little more pure for coaster addicts, don't you think?

And even more footers can be seen from the Eifel Tower. 

Our biggest question is will the transfer track be located right outside the station like other Bolliger and Mabillard inverted roller coasters. Stay tuned.

Banshee, the upcoming coaster at Kings island looks so natural framed by the greenery. 

 The missing section of track is where we think the transfer will be located.

You can see part of Adventure Express just past some new footers. 

And here riders on Adventure Express get a closer, albeit brief, look at the new footers. 

From the entry ramp to the Wolfpack maze, additional holes are being dug for Banshee. Kings Island is closed until the premiere of Haunt 2013, but we will be sure to bring at least one more update before the park closes for the season. We are so looking forward to April.