Thursday, September 19, 2013

Carowinds Brings More Fear to Haunt 2013 + 300 Ft. Coaster Planned

Carowinds just can't help but keep in the spotlight these days, and I must say I like it!  The park has spent significant capital this year to expand their SCarowinds Halloween Haunt event, seeing three new attractions debut in one year.  The frightening event started this past weekend and will run though October 27th.

Zombie High is the park's new indoor haunted maze.  Set in a decrepit high school that has been totally overrun by zombies, visitors will "need more than brains to survive Homecoming" while inside.  The maze joins six others at the park, including classics such as Cornstalkers and Silver Scream Sinema.

The park's other two new attractions for Haunt are outdoor scare zones, the first of which is London Terror.  A steampunk styled London setting makes for foggy streets that are filled with ghouls.  The props and scenery that were built for this scare zone are most impressive, including a giant Big Ben tower that stands over the whole area.

Everyone loved fairy tales when they were little, but SCarowinds has taken those cherished stories and twisted them so that "no one lives happily ever after."  Set in a dark forest, the stories come to life in a most demented way and guests are left to find their way out.

SCarowinds will have a total of 500 monsters in the park when in operation between the mazes and scare zones.  That's a lot of creeps to try to avoid!  The Overlord rules over these creatures, bringing them to life and setting them free to roam the park.  Three live shows are also included in the event, including the brand new Night Terrors monster rock show.

“SCarowinds Halloween Haunt continues to grow larger and more lurid each and every year as we’ve developed it into the premier Halloween event in the Carolinas,” said Bart Kinzel, Vice President and General Manager of Carowinds.  “The goal each year is to exceed our guest’s expectations.  With the addition of 3 NEW Haunted attractions there will certainly be the opportunity to send guests home afraid to sleep through the night after their visit!”

How about that roller coaster news?  In another story about the tax incentives the park will receive for their big expansion, some details came out about the coaster that is planned.

Costing in the neighborhood of $30 million, the new coaster will stand over 300 feet tall, and be located on the North Carolina side of the park.  Noting it would be the third of its size in the U.S. and one of five in the world, it is estimated it could bring almost an additional 400,000 visitors to Carowinds.

The map above shows the state line divide running through the park, and there's plenty of open space for a giga-coaster to start at in the North Carolina side of the park.  Wouldn't it be odd if the station was where the go-karts are, just like Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland?  It could then run toward the park's entrance, also in similar Leviathan fashion.

Can't wait to hear more about the proposed ride, sounds like it is going to be a huge addition to the park!