Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heide Park Finishes New B&M Wing Coaster

© Bonitwo via Coasterfriends
Heide Park has made extremely quick work of building their brand new B&M Wing Coaster, completing the whole ride in what seemed like a matter of weeks.  The new coaster features a mess of twisted track, a great example of which can be seen in the photo above.

More shots can be seen in this post on Coasterfriends, though they are from a couple days ago.  At that point there were only a handful of track pieces left to go up, but I believe the entire layout has since been completed.

The new coaster will feature several near miss elements and additional theming, which the park will be able to focus on during the winter.  Especially cool looking is the ride's pretzel element, a combination of two inversions that we have not seen used before on a B&M Wing Coaster.

The ride does not appear to have an official name yet, with the park waiting until closer to next year for that reveal.