Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Adventureland Announces New Family Coaster + Flume Combo for 2023

© Adventureland
Adventureland theme park, now a part of Palace Entertainment, has made a major announcement about some exciting additions for the park's 2023 season.  Joining the park's lineup of rides and attractions will be the Flying Viking family roller coaster and the Draken Falls log flume attractions, which are intertwined with each other.

© Adventureland
© Adventureland
The attractions will be located in the center of the theme park and feature a Viking theme throughout.  It is pretty neat that the park is building both attractions at the same time to create a fully themed and very cool looking new area for visitors to explore.

© Adventureland
The Flying Viking family roller coaster will take riders up and around the area from a maximum height of 50 feet.  The ride travels 1,312 feet of coaster track at a top speed of 26 miles per hour - again this is designed to be a family coaster so no huge top speeds or drops here.  The Flying Viking only requires a 36 height requirement with an adult, or 42 inches to ride alone.

© Adventureland
Under and surrounding the roller coaster is Draken Falls, a new log flume that features 1,214 feet of meandering adventure.  The flume features a 40 foot drop and a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour.  There are two separate drops that the six passenger boats will encounter over the six minute journey.  Hooray for more log flumes being built!  Both the coaster and log flume are being supplied for the park by Zamperla.

Both the Flying Viking coaster and Draken Falls log flume are planned to open at Adventureland in summer 2023.  And if you thought this combination looks a bit familiar, yes, it is very very similar to what is almost ready to open at Luna Park in Coney Island.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Rye Playland Opens New Old Rye Motorbike Factory Flat Ride

© Rye Playland
Rye Playland, located on New York's Long Island, has opened a new thrilling family flat ride named the Old Rye Motorbike Factory.  The attraction, seen above, represents a $3 million investment in the park and features unique theming and an interactive component to the ride experience.  The attraction is billed as the first of its kind in the United States, though it is unclear which ride manufacturer created the Old Rye Motorbike Factory.

© Rye Playland

© Rye Playland

Regardless of who manufactured it, the ride looks like a lot of fun!  The park has really put a lot of effort into theming the attraction, which makes it fit in perfectly with Rye's authentic and classic feel.  The ride features individual "vintage Italian motorbike" themed cars, complete with a sidecar attached to each motobike.  The interactive portion comes from riders being able to control the amount of outward swing that the cars have using a level in the vehicle.   Riders 36 inches and above can ride the Old Rye Motorbike Factory with an adult, making the attraction perfect for family run.

This season is the first in several that will see a total of $135 million invested into Rye Playland, a majority of which is going into rebuilding aging buildings, improving very old infrastructure, but also adding rides.  Cheers to the County for investing in the park to keep it around for decades to come!

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Big Bear Mountain Family Coaster to Roar into Dollywood in 2023

© Dollywood
Dollywood has announced the addition of a thrilling new family roller coaster, named Big Bear Mountain, for the park's 2023 season.  The new ride is the focus of a large expansion to Wildwood Grove, the park's latest themed area, and will cost a substantial $25 million.  The custom layout coaster will be feature three separate launches to power the ride and will be created by Vekoma.

As with most of Dollywood's recent additions, Big Bear Mountain comes with a full backstory.  "According to legend, Big Bear is a massive black bear who has been roaming through Wildwood Grove for as long as anyone can remember.  While no one has ever seen him, telltale signs regularly appear in the hills surrounding the Grove.  Dollywood guests are invited to join Wildwood Grove’s resident wilderness explorer, Ned Oakley, on an adventure to find Big Bear.  From his base camp—located just a stone’s throw from the Grove’s Hidden Hollow—Oakley takes adventurers for the rides of their lives in his specially-outfitted, “four-wheel drive SUVs.” 

© Dollywood
Big Bear Mountain will start with a mini launch out of the station and over a small hill, then trains will launch through the first of two main launch sections.  The ride's layout will border most of Wildwood Grove, with orange track and green supports working as a backdrop for the area.  The coaster will have a maximum height of 66 feet off the ground and the top launch speed is 48 miles per hour.  Seen above in concept art form, the ride will zoom through a cave that is surrounded by waterfalls, should be a very pretty set up.

© Dollywood
The coaster's layout in relation to Wildwood Grove is shown in the image above, be sure to click for a much larger look.  Big Bear Mountain's 3,990 feet of track, which is very long for a launched coaster, covers six acres of land and features carousel turns, tunnels, undulating hills and more.  Even better, the coaster will feature on-board audio with Ned Oakley narrating "as guests come daringly close to Big Bear" while on their journey.

Another great aspect of Big Bear Mountain, which is planned to open in the Spring of 2023, is it will only have a 39 inch height requirement.  Dollywood is a family theme park, and it is great to see them continue to building a selection of rides aimed at thrilling the whole family!  Check out the animated on-ride and off-ride animation of Big Bear Mountain below!

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Playland at PNE Opens New 'Skybender' Flat Ride

© Playland
Playland, located in Vancouver, Canada, has opened a thrilling new flat ride named Skybender.  The ride is manufactured by Zamperla, and features a wonderful color scheme of purple, pink and yellow - plus orange accents.  Lively, for sure.  The ride just recently opened and represents a $2.7 million investment on behalf of Playland.

Skybender is one of Zamperla's most recent creations, called Gryphon by the manufacturer.   The ride features single seats (24) that swing outward as the entire ride rotates - quickly.  This is not a brand new type of ride as older models have existed for quite some time, but the single seats with legs dangling is a much more freeing way to ride than the old creations offered.  The ride also rotates at a good clip, which adds to the thrill appeal of Skybender.

As I said, this is a relatively new creation by Zamperla and it looks like a lot of fun - hopefully we see more of these pop up in the coming years.  Below is a video of Skybender that Playland published to give you an idea of the experience.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park Opens New Defiance Roller Coaster

© Glenwood Caverns
Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, located way up high on a mountain in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has opened their new roller coaster, Defiance, to anxious park guests.  The Gerstlauer designed Euro-Fighter sits at 7,132 feet above sea level, making it the "highest" (in elevation) roller coaster in the U.S.  As with most Euro-Fighter designs Defiance starts with a 75 foot vertical lift hill, but then riders - who are no doubt in complete awe at the view from up there - are faced with a way beyond vertical 110 foot first drop at 102.3 degrees.

© Glenwood Caverns
The layout of Defiance is short but packs quite a punch.  After the first drop the individual cars encounter a unique element called a twisted top hat switch, standing 98 feet tall.  Immediately after that there is a 111 foot tall banana roll, then an upward zero-g heartline roll that takes riders into the final brakes.  Needless to say the coaster is thrilling, but that view is unbeatable!

Here is some footage from Coaster101.com of the ride in action, along with a point of view ride on Defiance!

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Six Flags Magic Mountain Opens New Wonder Woman Coaster

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened their record-breaking 20th roller coaster, a Rocky Mountain Construction single rail ride named Wonder Woman Flight of Courage.  The coaster is technically the tallest and longest single rail coaster on the planet, though it shares a very similar ride to The Jersey Devil Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure with some small changes.  Not that that's a bad thing, as the ride is sure to be a hit with park guests looking for a new and different type of roller coaster experience.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
Wonder Woman Flight of Courage stands 131 feet tall and features a steep 87 degree first drop and a top speed of 58 miles per hour.  The ride lasts around 2 minutes and the train will encounter three inversions over the 3,300 feet of track.

If you can't make it out to the park and want to take a virtual spin on Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, check out the video below!