Thursday, November 27, 2014

Exploring S&S ~ Sansei's New Website

Ever since S&S merged with Sansei back in 2012, I was hoping that the company would debut a new web presence showing off all that they offer.  The company's ride catalog was greatly expanded during the purchase, seeing as all of Sansei's creations were now in the mix.  It turns out that a new website was created (a while ago, and I missed it) but still only features S&S' traditional product line.  Sansei Technologies still has their own site, showing off their catalog as well.

© S&S ~ Sansei
However, exploring the new S&S ~ Sansei website does offer some interesting finds.  For one, the company is now offering a rotating tower ride, capable of being a Space Shot, Turbo Drop or Combo Tower.  With 20 seats in a ring around the tower - with optional rotating capabilities - the capacity of the company's popular tower rides can be improved.  I believe this new tower was being shown off as far back as last year's IAAPA show, however I've yet to see anyone snatch one up.  They have news of supplying several towers to new parks in China over the new two years, so perhaps an instillation isn't too far off.

© S&S ~ Sansei
S&S ~ Sansei has also been creating some unique coasters lately, and not just the custom El Loco in Las Vegas.  They did a modern take on a mine train in Italy, and built a handful high speed launched rides at parks in China.  The website shows either existing or proposed layouts (like one for a mine train, above) for many of their products, something that is always fun to peek at.

If you're looking for something to browse while digesting all that Thanksgiving food, head over to the S&S ~ Sansei website!  Now - let's see if we can get Premier Rides to update their site, it burns my eyes!

A Scenic Trip Through the Woods on Thunderbird

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers!  We hope you have plenty to be thankful for this day, and are able to spend it with family + friends!

© Holiday World
In amazing time, the track for Thunderbird at Holiday World is nearly complete!  The park flew through the construction of the Horseshoe, Elevated Spiral, Zero-G Roll, and seen above, the S Curve element in recent weeks.

I love how many trees were kept in the above section of the ride, a couple of them are wonderfully close to the track!  If you look at the background of this photo, you can also see the Carousel turn mostly in place.  This element will eventually see a barn added over part of it, which will give riders two close encounters with its structure.

For more recent photos of Thunderbird's construction, head over to Holiday World's website.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vertical Construction of Busch Gardens Wiliamsburg's Mystery Coaster Underway

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Well, I suppose it isn't really much of a mystery at all.  However, since the park hasn't announced their 2015 coaster project we will kindly refer to it as a "mystery coaster."

The rumor is that the park is building a launched ride from Premier, the same as Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Let's just say that's a very strong rumor, since the ride is already under construction at the Virginal theme park.

As for why the park hasn't announced the new ride, well probably right now only the park really knows.  One theory is that there was no huge "new coaster" announcement due to the fact that the ride is quite low in capacity, potentially leading the park to advertise it more as just a new "ride."  You know, lower expectations will lead to less disappointed visitors.  Or, and this is my personal hope, the park's planned "stunt bike" theme was eventually deemed too ridiculous, and the name (Tempesto) and theme are undergoing a redo.

Regardless of that situation, the park is currently building the orange support and teal tracked ride, and photos of this can be seen over at BGWFans.

Also, for those wondering why I included a photo of the park from the air, all lit up for Christmas Town, it's simply because there are no official photos of the new coaster... and it's really pretty.  There's a few more on the park's Facebook page.

Scott And Carol Present - Great Coasters International, Inc. Inks A Deal With DreamEast

DreamEast began  implementing some big plans at IAAPA. Emphasizing Chinese culture and owning their own intellectual properties, the goal is to develop a cultural industry that will include theme parks, a family entertainment center, large-scale shows, animation, and technology-based entertainment and games all based on the five thousand year history of China.

There are currently three theme parks planned, Legend World, Future World, and Zhoukoudian. Legend World will present the essence of Chinese culture surrounded by some of the most advanced theme park attractions. Future World will showcase exploration and innovation, where guests can learn about aerospace technology science and technology through interactive experiences. Zhoukoudian will present the culture of the region with highlights from both the ancient and modern civilization of Zhoukoudian.

Of course if you are building a theme park, you must include the king of the midway, a roller coaster. That is where Great Coasters International enters the project. Here is the contract signing for GCI's part of the project with He Yijie and Clair Hain doing the honors.

The planned development also includes a global shopping center and an entertainment technology center to further develop DreamEast’s intellectual property through games, feature films & animation projects, and large scale stage shows featuring what they already have been developing.

So with the large scope of this project, complete realization will be in the future, but Mr. Hain teases us with a little information about his part of the project. 

The renderings behind Clair Hain and He Yijie are beautiful, and we can’t wait for the next release for the project.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's A Jurassic World, After All

Movies aren't something we usually cover here on NPN, but sharing this trailer for Universal's new Jurassic World is going to be an exception to that rule.

Why?  Well the movie takes place in the finally-opened Jurassic World theme park that John Hammond initially tried to create.  Granted we're not seeing any roller coasters here, but it is pretty neat to see guests buzzing around a theme park next to real dinosaurs (the main area even has one of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritavilles!).  You have to love the SeaWorld-esque lake show as well - gives a whole new meaning to the word sharkbait!

We all know that the original Jurassic Park movie inspired the first ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, with several other iterations of that attraction now located around the globe.  Jurassic World hits theaters next June, so there probably isn't time to add to any of the Universal parks before then... but I would guess that if the film is a hit it's certainly a possibility down the line!

Wicked Cyclone Growing Curvier By the Day

© Six Flags New England
One of the most anticipated new coasters for next season, Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England, is showing off some curvaceous new track.  The ride's low to the ground elements are slowly being installed, like the speed bump seen above.  That specific hill will encountered toward the start of the ride, meaning the trains will be flying over it - with plenty of air-time expected!

© Six Flags New England
This is the ride's completed first turn, a large overbank that is right after the steep first drop.  Worth noting again is that the turn isn't all that tall, adding to the intensity of the element.

The park has just started to install the track for the 200 degree stall element, a first of its kind.  For a plethora of photos that were just taken on-site - including the stall element, pop over to this update from SFNE Online.