Monday, September 2, 2013

NPN August 2013 Poll Results

© Cedar Point
Happy Labor Day everyone!  Hopefully you got out and had some fun today, perhaps even at an amusement park?  It is the end of the daily season for many parks, so there are probably plenty of park staff that see today as a holiday for an extra reason - the return of days off!

In August 2013 we asked you guys which was your favorite new U.S. coaster that opened in 2013, and our winner with 39% of the total votes was GateKeeper at Cedar Point.  The new B&M Wing Coaster gathered much attention this year, with its record breaking statistics and its role in forever changing the entrance to the Point. 
Here's a look at our full results, as you can see there were two rides that really pulled away from the pack.

© Silver Dollar City
The second place finisher - which was pretty close with GateKeeper for the first half of the month - was Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City.  The intense wooden coaster, complete with inversions, turned a lot of heads with its nonstop action.  In the end Outlaw run had a total of 30% of the vote.

Third and fourth place were only a couple votes away from each other, and they went to Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, respectively.  Fifth place went to the new Great Coasters ride named Gold Striker at California's Great America.

This month's poll is also now live, check it out over on the left!