Friday, September 20, 2013

FunTown Pier Owner Vows to Rebuild After Fire

FunTown Pier in happier times.
After the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, and the recent fire that totally destroyed anything the park had left, one might think that the owners of FunTown Pier would just give up.  Not so, however, as they are planing on rebuilding even bigger and better than before.

There were a few rides left where the pier was located that survived Sandy, but the fire has totally reduced everything to ash.  You can see photos of the remains in this story.

The owner of the pier was working on rebuilding when the fire hit, seeking approvals to extend the pier by 300 feet when it was rebuilt.  Now the little that is left will have to be demolished, but that hasn't changed the mind of owners - just set them back a little bit further.

In a strange sense it almost gives them a clean slate to work with, though the cost of rebuilding has gone up no doubt.  After Sandy the plan was to reopen in 2014, but that's probably impossible at this point due to the fire.

Hopefully the area can get a break now so that plans for the rebuild can move forward.  We certainly wish them luck!


Max Ivey said...

Hello; It is sad that they have suffered two such tragedies in less than a year. However, their determination to rebuild even bigger and better is inspirational. I am an equipment reseller, and perhaps i could help them in their plans to rebuild. I wish them and all the people that depend on them all the best. Take care, Max