Saturday, September 28, 2013

Aerial Antics: Valleyfair Updated

We last featured Valleyfair in Aerial Antics some three and a half years ago, and the park has has numerous developments since then.  With Google's nice clear 45 degree angle shots, I figured why not see what's been going on - from above that is.

In 2009 Valleyfair renamed their water park to Soak City, and added a massive wave pool named Breakers Bay.  Seen above, the wave pool replaced the park's aging log flume, which was quite sad, but a smart business move.  The park was also able to complete some smaller renovations that year - though most would say Valleyfair's water park is still in need of a sizable expansion.

General upkeep is something that Valleyfair has also spent some time on.  When we last saw aerials of the park the Mad Mouse roller coaster was a faded mess of pink and purple, but since then it has been repainted a bright yellow and orange color scheme.

While on the subject of paint, Valleyfair's Corkscrew also looks quite different than it did a few years ago.  The classic Arrow Dynamics ride, installed in 1980, ditched its blues and received aqua supports, orange track, and yellow inversions.

2011 was a big year for families at Valleyfair, when the park renovated and expanded their children's area into Planet Snoopy.  Filled with new family and children rides, the expansive area can be seen in the shot above. 

In all fairness, the first aerial antics post we were able to feature both construction and finished shots of Renegade, the park's GCI wooden coaster - but this one just looked pretty so I wanted to feature it.  The ride has a very unique layout, moving out beyond the main part of the park on its journey.

Finally we look toward the future, with the park just having announced a new family area named Route 76 for the park's 2014 season.  The section seen above, mostly where the go-karts can be seen, will be totally gutted and filed with moved and new family rides.

To zoom around the park from above, click here to head to Google's maps.