Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Potential Record Breaking Ride Pondered for Warner Bros. Movie World

© Warner Bros. Movie World via Parkz
Parkz, an Australian them park fan site, is showing off some concept artwork for a potential ride that showed up on surveys from Warner Bros. Movie World, located on Australia's Gold Coast.

Called Doomsday, the ride would stand a staggering 145 meters tall, that's right around 475 feet in height, and be located in the middle of the Superman Escape launched Intamin coaster.  While it still amazes me that current tower rides have hit the 400 foot mark, there is something about closing in on the 500 foot level that almost makes me shudder when typing the figure!

Doomsday is not a free fall, actually from the description it sounds more like an observation tower that also operates as a thrill ride.  The three ride cars stick out from the side of the tower, and are shown each seating 12 riders a piece.  The ride would operate in two modes, one where the passenger's seats (floorless with feet danging, by the way) would slowly rotate to give beautiful views, and another where they would spin quickly.

Again this is only a proposed attraction, though it sounds like the park has placed it in a survey to see what guests think of it.  If it does get built it would easily take the record for tallest tower ride.  I admit that though I would be nervous, I would certainly get in line for this one!