Monday, September 30, 2013

Bay Beach Finishes Another Successful Season

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
I suppose that recreating a famous wooden coaster has its benefits - at least it certainly seems that way when you consider Bay Beach Amusement Park.  Back in 2011 the park opened the Zippin Pippin, a rebuilt of the original ride from Libertyland.  Since then the park has seen a great increase in visitors and spending, and that momentum continued this year when they debuted a new ride - the Sea Dragon.

The new ride cost the local government run park a hefty price, but it has already started to pay off.  It opened late in the summer so it will be featured heavily in the 2014 season - it sounds like there probably won't be another new ride for the park quite yet.

The 2013 season marked the Zippin Pippin's one millionth rider, a great accomplishment for the park.  Some local folks questioned the building of the ride, and it's always fun to see how successful it has been and how prosperous the park now is!