Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adventureland Announces New Swing Ride for 2014

© Adventureland
After the troubles that Cedar Fair has had with their Windseeker rides, I figured we wouldn't see anymore of Mondial's contraptions built any time soon - but surprise - we are!

Adventureland in Iowa posted the above picture on their Facebook announcing Storm Chaser, a new Windseeker style ride for their 2014 season.  Absolutely no additional details were given, so we have no idea if this is the 300 foot version that the Cedar Fair parks built, or perhaps a smaller one.  I believe that Mondial was showing off a 200 foot tall version at one point.

Adventureland has been focusing on their water park for several years now, expanding it greatly into a full days worth of fun.  Now it is time for the ride park to receive a new addition, and it certainly looks to be a tall one!  Hopefully more details will be released by the park soon.