Saturday, September 7, 2013

Aquatica Orlando Teasing Tall New Slide

© Aquatica Orlando
Saying only that the new slide will stand 105 feet in height, Aquatica Orlando has started teasing their 2014 new addition.

The park points out that they recently did a height test using a balloon, hence the image they released above, to see just how tall a 105 foot slide would appear on the property.  The exact nature of the slide is still a secret, however.

This post of Facebook clarifies the record that will be broken by the slide - just a bit - saying only that "it will be the tallest water thrill ride of its type in Orlando."  There are a lot of really cool looking slides on the market these days, perhaps this could be a trap-door type slide, or perhaps even one that features a loop after the first drop?  Usually really tall water park attractions are body slides, and the Aqua-Loop slides certainly have a lot of marketing potential.

I could be totally wrong, though!  Either way the park plans to do a full reveal sometime in the future so we will have to keep on the lookout.