Friday, September 6, 2013

Holiday World Announces New Ride + Upgrades for 2014

Holiday World, located in Santa Claus, Indiana, has announced $8 million worth of improvements for the park's 2014 season, many of which are focused on the theme park side of the operation.

A new ride will be thrilling guests in the park next year, named the Mayflower.  The classic swinging ship style ride will be added to the Thanksgiving section of the park, which also contains attractions such as the Gobbler Getaway and the Turkey Whirl.  The Mayflower will be set up over a lagoon, adding to the ride's thrill, and seat 60 guests at a time.  The ship will swing in an arc up to 54 feet over the water below.

“Since 2006, when we expanded Holiday World to include a Thanksgiving-themed section, we’ve received hundreds of suggestions to add a classic swinging ship ride and name it the Mayflower,” says Holiday World park president Matt Eckert. “We chose the anniversary date of the Pilgrims setting sail for America to announce that our new ride for 2014 is our own Mayflower.”

Mr. Eckert also promises that they are not done expanding Thanksgiving with this addition, as they have more fun planned for the area in the future.  Here's an official announcement video that gives a look at the Mayflower:

No doubt the Mayflower will be a great hit at the park when it opens next year, but plenty of other changes are planned for Holiday World as well.

While not another new attraction, the improvements will continue to build on the park's history of carefully monitoring guest comfort and park atmosphere.  Changes include Friday Night Fireworks running June 13 through August 1, extended hours in Splashin' Safari, a Summer Fun Card Program for multi-day summer visits, a new restaurant and shop in Splashin' Safari, a covered bridge entry to Thanksgiving, more cabanas, benches and shade structures and parking lot improvements.

Sounds like they have a lot on their plate for next year!