Saturday, September 7, 2013

Carowinds Announces New Slides as Part of $50 Million Expansion

Visitors to Carowinds' Boomerang Bay water park will find new thrills in 2014 as the park starts their $50 million, multi-year expansion with an exciting new water slide tower.

Announced this morning in a presentation at the theme and water park, new next season will be a slide tower consisting of two wild new attractions.  The modern slides, featuring bright color schemes, will make Boomerang Bay "better than ever," with more to do and added capacity.

The two slides will be named Surfer's Swell and Dorsal Fin Drop and depart from a four story tall tower.  As described by the park, "Surfer’s Swell will travel a total of 263 feet as riders will plunge onto an angled wall that mimics the sensation of catching an ocean wave. Guests then gracefully enter a final tunnel for a fun ‘splash landing’ into a pool at the bottom of this 45 foot tall experience.

Dorsal Fin Drop offers 351 feet of slide and takes riders on the spin of a lifetime as they gain speed in a curved-tunnel that blasts them into a bowl. Like a shark circling its prey, guests spin and swirl before sliding into the corkscrew exit."

The new slides appear to be manufactured by Proslide, with Surfer's Swell being one of their PipelineWave slides, a new variety that was installed in several parks including Holiday World in 2013.  Dorsal Fin Drop could be a CannonBowl slide, a very popular instillation at many parks.

“The slides are just the first phase of a multi year park investment plan that will continue to deliver the best-day-of-summer that guests have come to expect," said Bart Kinzel, Carowinds Vice-President and General Manager. 

Dorsal Fin Drop and Surfer's Swell will be placed adjacent to part of the park's lazy river, behind the Awesome Aussie Twisters in a currently undeveloped section of the property (seen below in a photo provided by the park).

© Carowinds
With the addition of the new attractions Boomerang Bay will have 13 water slides, two massive wave pools, a lazy river, two kiddie splash pools and over 2 million gallons of water.  Can't wait to see the new slides go up... this is a very exciting time for Carowinds!