Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kings Dominion Expanding Halloween Haunt for 2013

Kings Dominion has released this preview video of this fall's Halloween Haunt, which features new attractions and plenty of scares.

This year the brand new Miner's Revenge will take guests into a dark mine tunnel, which the video shows being created.  It looks pretty neat, and when set up in the park will be spooky and dimly lit as well.

Also new is Zombie High, a maze featuring a high school overrun with zombies.  The park is building a massive two story facade for the entrance to the maze, which will be quite impressive when completed.  The video also mentions that it will have six different animations in it, including a zombie that breaks through a window to reach out at passing victims.

Other existing mazes will also be upgraded with new sets and props, all seen in the prep stage here.  Looks like its going to be a great haunting season at Kings Dominion!