Sunday, September 8, 2013

From The Vault: Morey's Pier 1995 Brochure

Ah, yes, Summertime fun along the Jersey Shore - for those of us lucky enough to live near the area the Wildwoods were a must-visit as at least a weekend trip, if not a whole week.  Morey's Pier has long been one of the prime fun spots in Wildwood, and in 1995 when this brochure was from they had quite an exciting addition.

Morey's actually has several amusement piers and water parks in Wildwood, all with different names and ride selections.  The piers are often advertised as one attraction, since they really aren't all that far from one another.  As shown on the back cover of this brochure you could opt for an all day pass, or you could just get a ticket book and hit the rides you want.  This works out well for coaster junkies only interested in the big stuff!

Earlier I said that 1995 saw the addition of a big new ride, and that was The Great Nor'easter.  1995 marked numerous installations of Vekoma's Suspended Looping Coaster, an inverted ride with a compact layout that grabbed the attention of many parks.  Several opened that year, and Morey's was quick to build one on Surfside Pier.  The unique location of the coaster required some customization, but generally speaking the Great Nor'easter follows the same layout as the others.  

Between the different amusement piers Morey's has a lot of rides packed into a small space - then consider they squeeze in water parks, too!  There's a full sized Log Flume, a Vekoma Boomerang named the Sea Serpent, several other small coasters, tons of kiddie rides, and thrilling flat rides like the Condor - shown above.   Being a park with a small amount of space they regularly swap out older rides for new ones, such as the recent instillation known as IT.  Still, plenty of the attractions that are shown in this middle spread are still in operation today.

Originally both of Morey's water parks were named Raging Waters (which is true as of 1995) but more recently one was rebranded Ocean Oasis Waterpark.  Both parks are tightly squeezed in at the ends of the amusement piers, yet still manage to contain a surprisingly large amount of slides and pools.  These have seen some attention in recent years, with new theming additions and other upgrades.

If you haven't been to Morey's it is certainly worth a visit sometime, now if they could just get started on that multi-pier wooden coaster they have planned!