Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Schlitterbahn Kansas City Pushes Verruckt to 2014

© MidwestInfoGuide
Guests wanting to try out the world's tallest water slide will have to wait until 2014 when Schlitterbahn Kansas City finishes up Verruckt.  The park had planned to open the new attraction for Summer 2013, but that never came to be.

This update from MidwestInfoGuide shows the status of the slide on the park's last day of the season, and while a lot of the attraction was completed it was never able to open.  Seen above, the first drop of the slide is in place, but the dispatch area at the top is not attached.  The ride channels on ground level were not finished up either.

The park never revealed the full statistics of Verruckt, having said they were saving them for the ride's opening.  I suppose we will find out just how tall that tower is in 2014!