Sunday, September 1, 2013

From The Vault: Magic Springs 2001 Brochure

Two parks for the price of one and a new attraction?  Sounds like Magic Springs was offering a nice deal in 2001, the year this brochure is from.

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls actually had a grand reopening in 2000 when tons of renovations and changes took place.  The park had been sitting closed for several years at that point, and this brochure was from the season after the reopening.

Many new rides and attractions went up in 2000 when the property opened back up, but 2001 saw the addition of Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine, an S&S tower ride that blasts riders both up and down.  The park also really pushed its admission included water park, Crystal Falls, and for good reason - hot summers in Arkansas!

On top of all of that Garfield was used as a mascot at the time, seen here riding the park's wooden coaster.  Speaking of their wooden ride, it is named the Arkansas Twister, though it is an out and back layout with little twisting to speak of.  The ride is a Bill Cobb design, and originally operated at Boardwalk and Baseball in Florida.  When that park closed the owners of Magic Springs saw an opportunity and snatched it up rather cheaply, and rebuilt it at their park.

The other images on the page are of the many riders - mostly new ones that were installed - and water attractions found at the parks.