Thursday, September 12, 2013

Massive Fire in Seaside Park Further Destroys Funtown Pier

© Asbury Park Press
After being totally devastated by Hurricane Sandy just under a year ago, Funtown Pier was further ravaged today by a six alarm fire that destroyed nearly six blocks of the seaside area.  The fire broke out in a custard stand earlier this afternoon and quickly spread to a blaze that was so massive its smoke could be seen on weather radar maps.

While under control at this point, the fire affected around twenty businesses in the area, destroying many of them.  A strong wind helped the fire spread so quickly, and firefighters had to cut through the boardwalk to create a trench to stop it from moving further.  The above photo of the famous Funtown Pier structure was eventually engulfed and totally destroyed.

© Associated Press via Washington Post
Funtown Pier lost nearly all of its rides and attractions last year during Sandy, and was not able to reopen this year.  Now the actual boardwalk, a part of which did survive the storm, has been obliterated.  Nearby Casino Pier, which did reopen this year with a limited amount of rides on a rebuilt boardwalk, has reported being unaffected by the fire.

Our thoughts go out to those in the area who are again suffering from tragedy.  Probably the only good news to report is that no one appears to have been seriously hurt in the blaze.