Monday, September 23, 2013

A Disney Shanghai Castle and Newly Running Mine Train

© whoisBMH via Twitter
I really like how 'bulky' the Shanghai Disneyland castle appears to have been designed.  It seems more realistic to me, and I supposed that's needed in order to contain more inside of it than at the other parks.  On Twitter this photo appeared, and while I'm not sure it's totally new it was definitely new to me.  The park is still in a ground work stage so there hasn't been much news about it in many months... at least not as far as rides and attractions are concerned.

There's another photo shared as well, this one is a head-on perspective.

© Disney
Just today Disney shared on their official blog that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the last big part of the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland, had completed its first test run.  Successfully!

The photo that they released, along with one additional one, gives us a great view of the themed trains for the coaster.  The cars are able to swing side to side while it heads around the track, adding an extra element to the experience.  The coaster is aimed at families, so I wouldn't expect it too be all that thrilling - but it should be a neat experience.  The level of theming is top notch from what we've seen thus far, and will include an indoor dark ride section featuring all the Dwarfs.