Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Intamin Launch Coaster for Turkey's Vialand

Concept art of the new coaster
A brand new theme park that opened earlier this year in Turkey, named Vialand, is wrapping up construction of an impressive looking Intamin launch coaster.

The ride is listed as opening this October, but only referred to as LSM Coaster on the park's website, named for its launch system.

Coasters and More has a great gallery of shots of both the theme park and the new Intamin ride, taken when there were only a few pieces left to go up.  The ride starts with a launch down the cherry red track and into a large top hat - the end of which dips well below the grade of the launch track using the park's elevation changes.  From there the trains encounter a large air-time hill and then climb up into an Immelman.  A dive down below grade again brings a tight series of curves, then a steep climb into a heartline that reminds me of the one on Hersheypark's Storm Runner.  Looks good!

Vialand has an interesting selection of rides and attraction, including one of the King Kong themed Huss flat rides, seen above.  There is also a fun looking family coaster (another Intamin design) along with several water rides, two dark rides and some flats.

The Vialand theme park is located adjacent to a new indoor/outdoor shopping center, along with a performing arts center.  If successful I will be interested to see what other rides come on board in future years.