Saturday, August 31, 2013

Worlds of Fun Introduces Steelhawk for the 2014 Season

New in 2014 at Worlds of Fun is Steelhawk, a 301 foot tall swing ride that will "spread its steel wings at a 45-degree angle at a speed of 8 rotations a minute swinging riders for a 60-second flight" - all at an impressive height above the ground.  Steelhawk will seat 32 passengers at a time for the journey up to the top of the tower, where unparalleled views of the surrounding area will be available.  Steelhawk will be at least 100 feet taller than any other ride at Worlds of Fun.

“After combining Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in 2013, we wanted to come back immediately with a major new ride for our guests. SteelHawk takes riders higher than any other ride currently at Worlds of Fun. SteelHawk will be a spectacular showpiece that will be seen for miles,” says Frank Wilburn, Vice President/General Manager.

Steelhawk will be built across from the Patriot inverted roller coaster in the Americana section of the theme park.

Any for anyone wondering, yes, Steelhawk is a transplanted ride - formerly Windseeker at Knott's Berry Farm.  At first it was not totally clear whether Steelhawk was new or the Knott's ride, but that has been cleared up via official comments from the park in this news story.