Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Latest GateKeeper Photos - First Section of Keyhole Arrives!

Cedar Point received a very special delivery today, the first of four gigantic pieces of steel support structure that will become GateKeeper's keyhole elements when assembled.  The piece that arrived today is 75 feet long and traveled to Cedar Point from Clermont Steel Fabricators (which Scott & Carol took us on a tour of in 2008!) which is also located in Ohio.

Here the truck, which the park reports required a special permit due to its size, arrives at the Cedar Point property. 

The giant piece was dropped off in front of the park, where it will eventually be assembled and stand 100 feet over the new entrance to the Point.  As we well know, GateKeeper's trains will soar right through the opening in the towers, creating a dramatic start to many guests' days at the park.

No small beast, each piece weighs about 65,000 pounds so I can understand the extreme caution the park needed to take when unloading this from the truck.

The remaining three pieces of keyhole structure will arrive at the park later this week, and be assembled early next week.  Cedar Point report's that with 50% of GateKeeper's track in place the ride is on schedule to be ready for opening day, May 11th 2013.

All photos © Cedar Point