Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morey's Piers Outlines 2013 Improvements

The 2013 season at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey, will not feature any towering new rides, but that doesn't mean the seaside amusement piers are totally taking the year off.

© Morey's Pier
One of the larger investments the owners are making is a total renovation to the Zoom Phloom, the park's large log flume.  The ride was built by O.D. Hopkins in 1985 and has remained one of Surfside Pier's most popular family attractions.

© Morey's Pier
The same talented artist that created the elaborate rock-work and sculptures from last year's renovations at the water parks will be creating a bevy of animals along the flume's path. 

Known as the "Sea of Life," the project will include beautifying the waterfalls and other scenic aspects of the flume, allowing for plenty of pretty new photo spots.  The ride will start with the boats departing the station and into a giant shark's open mouth - how's that for attention grabbing?

According to the park there will be plenty of seals (photos of which can be seen above and on the left), the aforementioned shark, and even a large octopus.  When the ride is complete it should have quite an amazing look that will surly entertain visitors.

© Morey's Piers
Amenities will also be focused on this season, with a new selection of seating and shaded areas for relaxing on Mariner's Pier according to this story.  They are also developing an art colony made out of old shipping containers, something that sounds quite interesting to check out.  Additionally the park will introduce technology that guests can use to track things like how many inversions they've done, how much food they've eaten, etc. 

Plans for the massive wooden coaster that will span two piers are still in the works, though no signatures have yet fallen on the dotted line.  Sounds like a final decision will be made this Summer, and with a year and a half construction time table the ride is now a 2015 attraction at the earliest.