Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vertical Progress on Darien Lake's New Thrill Ride

Darien Lake is getting the park ready for riders who wish to Blast Off in 2013 - which they can do on the park's new thrill ride of the same name.

Blast Off is a 185 foot tall tower ride that will blast riders quickly up to the top, then letting them bounce back up and down, or it can be programmed to slowly lift riders up, hold them, and then blast them downward at speeds faster than gravity. 

The ride will be a part of a larger redevelopment at the park, named The Waterfront Boardwalk, which will feature renovated buildings themed with the charm of lakeside resorts of the area along with the park's Ferris Wheel and a new jumping fountain for the kids.

© Darien Lake
And even better, the park has started to build Blast Off!  Despite the snow several sections of the tower are already in place, with more on the ground waiting for their turn.  Before long the tower will be complete, as these rides usually go up pretty quickly.  I'm excited to see how the entire new area turns out - we certainly know that Herschend is capable of some beautifully themed areas!