Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Silverwood's Big 2013 Plans

I've been following along with Silverwood Theme Park's hints about their 2013 plans since they started, and I've got to admit they have me hooked.  The park has shared some graphics on their Facebook account about the new ride (we do know it is a ride for sure), but none of it is detailed enough to really help anyone figure out their mystery.  I guess that's the point, though!

What can be gathered from the clues so far is that -

- The ride will be BIG and possibly make riders dizzy
- It will invert riders and have them looking down from 102 feet in the air
- It will be unique to the United States with no other ride like it
- The ride will be tall enough to change the park's skyline significantly

That's not a lot to go on at this point!  We only have so much longer to wait, however, since one of the recent clues revealed a 1/22/13 announcement date.

What do you guys think the park's new ride will be?