Monday, January 21, 2013

The Smiler Coming to Alton Towers

Alton Towers, located in the United Kingdom, has announced the name of their new Gerstlauer roller coaster: The Smiler.  Suddenly that super creepy logo makes a lot of sense.  The ride's theme is not totally clear yet, though it seems like riders will enter some sort of facility where they "get corrected," and I think the park is building just the machinery to get the job done.

The park also released this concept art for the ride, showing the great many inversions that riders will face.  There's also a large armed mechanical monster looking thing in there, too, which many expect will be a part of the ride's theming.  I'm still looking forward to the new train design that Gerstlauer is using to have four rows of four riders per train.

And this is the greatest image released of the ride's construction so far, the twisted cobra roll / batwing elements combined on top of each other.  This looks to border up against the midway on the far end of the ride, so you can imagine what a great photo spot that will be!

The park's official site for the ride promises a game coming next month that might give a closer look at the ride's layout and theming.  Then there's also that "world's first" element that the park is holding onto as a secret... what could it be?


Bryan said...

Is it just or me does the logo remind anyone of the Adult Swim show, Superjail?