Thursday, January 24, 2013

Splish Splash Building New Water Coaster

Splish Splash water park, located on Long Island in New York, has announced the addition of a large new attraction, set to open for visitors this Summer.  Known as Bootlegger's Run, the new slide will be a hydromagnetic water coaster, the first of its kind in New York.

“Imagine a cross between a whitewater raft ride and a roller coaster,” general manager Mike Bengtson explained. “Bootlegger’s Run is like a roller coaster that races on water instead of rails.”

Spread out on almost two acres of land, Bootlegger's Run will utilize rafts that can carry up to four guests at a time.  The water coaster will reach a maximum height of almost five stories, and race to speeds of almost 30 miles per hour.  A layout for the new ride is not yet available.

Bootlegger's Run will be the largest single capital expenditure in the history of the water park.  While not listed in the press sheet, it would probably be safe to say that the ride will be created by Proslide, known for their hydromagnetic water coasters.

Splish Splash water park is owned by Palace Entertainment, which is in turn owned by Parques Reunidos.