Friday, January 25, 2013

New Mat Racing Slide Headed to Waterville USA

A brand new water attraction will be ready for the Summer season, according to Waterville USA, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 

The new attraction does not have a name yet, but will be a six lane mat racing water slide.  Starting from a high point of 55 feet above the ground, riders will first pass through a "harrowing tunnel circling 360 degrees high in the air before exploding out onto a high speed straightaway for a race toward the checkered finish."

Similar version of the new slide, at Cedar Point's Soak City
The park fully expects guests to have fun racing one another down the slide, in order to see who can reach the finish line first.  The six lane operations of the new slide tower will dramatically increase the capacity of the water park.  In order to fit the new attraction, some of the older, and lower capacity, slides will be removed.

Expected to be similar to the slide tower pictured above, Waterville USA's version will feature a different color scheme for each lane, but still feature a checkered finish area.  The park reports that their new attraction will be the first of its kind in the Gulf Coast.