Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gold Striker Hits the Home Stretch

© California's Great America
New photos show that there's only a little bit of structure left to complete on Gold Striker at California's Great America.  This shot shows that only the crown of the lift hill and the main portion of the first drop need to be built before the ride's 3,197 foot long circuit is closed.  It also gives us a good idea of how much height that first turn after the initial plunge has, before plunging down to ground level.  And unique start to the ride, indeed!

© California's Great America
Uh oh - looks like I misspoke above.  Technically the circuit will not be closed when the first drop is done because this photo shows that not much work has started on the ride's station yet.  The footers and cement pad is poured, but the structure has not started to go up.  Still, when the first drop is done that will certainly be a milestone.

The latest photos from the park also show that a lot of the ride's features that went up earlier in the winter are now tracked... just waiting for trains to come rumbling along.