Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lake Winnie Will SoakYa This Summer

© Lake Winnie
Lake Winnepesaukah has broken ground on their new water park expansion, and also announced the name of the project.  To be officially known as the SoakYa Waterpark, the expansion will cover five acres and be the largest the park has seen in decades.

The above photo of Adrienne White Rhodes, one of the park's owners, in the big dig machine is pretty awesome!  Lake Winnepesaukah has been family owned for several generations, and still is to this day.

The SoakYa Waterpark (the name is a play on the park's name when it is pronounced) will open with a full selection of slides and attractions for guests, and represents a huge financial commitment by the park.  According to this story, in addition to a lazy river, children's area, activity pool, and wading area adjacent to the lazy river, the park is creating an 18 foot hill from which two slide towers will stand.

The SoakYa Waterpark is being designed by Christopher M. Jones along with Aquatic Development Group.  The potential for the water park to expand even further in future years is already on the table, according to another news piece.  It will be quite exciting to see a former overflow parking lot turned into a full fledged water park!