Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kings Island 2013 - More Dinos?

Kings Island's Dinosaurs Alive! From Above
I happened to notice that along with "new live shows, new menu items, and a series of special events," Kings Island is also expanding their Dinosaurs Alive! attraction in 2013.  No details have been released yet on exactly how it will expand, but the park's website does point out that the exhibit will be "even bigger" next season.

Alright, so it is not the most exciting news, but quite interesting to me nonetheless.  I've been wondering how Cedar Fair will keep guests interested in the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibits as the years pass, and I guess this is a part of that answer.  It could just be as simple as the addition of a new dinosaur, or a literal expansion of the trail into a new area with additional scenes - we will have to wait to find out.

The Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit will enter its third season in 2013 at Kings Island, so perhaps additions to these attractions will take place in their junior year for the attractions at all the company's parks.  It makes sense that something will have to be added in order to keep guests paying the extra fee to enter.  I wonder if whatever expansion they have planned will be enough?  I'd love to know what the expected shelf life of the exhibits are, I suppose we could assume quite a few years more considering the planned addition to the original. 

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John Pasternak said...

Maybe the rumored 2014 coaster will have a dino theme?