Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Rides Going Up at Fun Spot America

© Fun Spot America
The huge expansion that will turn Fun Spot Action Park into Fun Spot America is well underway, with heavy digging underway and rides starting to reach for the sky.

The above aerial photo, taken from the park's stream of the latest construction shots, really shows off how far along the development is.  On the left side the new parking lot is moving closer to being paved, and if you look close you can see almost all the footers for the White Lightning wooden coaster are in place.

The large holes that are being dug on the lower left are for the Freedom Flyer Vekoma inverted family coaster.  You can also spy the pond that the Skycoaster will swing riders over, and the new entrance building just off the parking lot.

© Fun Spot America
The park also just received its first delivery of the supports for Freedom Flyer, which are a bright blue color.  If the artwork stays true, the track will be a bright yellow. 

I'm sure we will be seeing much more from Fun Spot America soon - vertical construction of GCI's White Lightning should start any day and the metal support structure means its gonna go up fast!