Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cedar Point's Latest GateKeeper Photos

Cedar Point has released some stunning new photographs of GateKeeper, the park's massive B&M wing coaster.  The brand new ride has already forever changed the skyline of the park... but wouldn't it be neat to see what the views are like from the top?

It sure would - so let's look!

At the top of GateKeeper's 170 foot lift you'll be able to see miles out over Lake Erie.  As the train reaches this apex, it wastes no time in the thrill department, swooping over to the right and fully inverting before diving downward on itself. 

One of the park's goals with the new ride was to open up the view of the beach and lake in this part of the park.  Mission accomplished.

This view shows more of that 164 foot vertical dive downward that will kick off the ride immediately after the lift hill.  GateKeeper will then encounter a large immelman inversion that will turn the trains back toward the front of the park (not pictured here.)

The next two elements that riders will encounter are pictured here.  The first is a large air-time hill, which should be an extremely fun element in the wing style seats.  Right after that comes a gigantic corkscrew element, seen on the right side of this photo.

If you look close on the far right you can also see the huge footer for the first of the two keyhole elements that will stand over the park's new entrance.

Turning backward from the perspective of the above shots, here's one looking down the lift hill of the coaster.  You can see the steel framework for the ride's station is now in place, along with the catwalks and railings for the pre-lift track segments.

The last photo is another beauty - the view of the park spread out beyond the ride's first hill.  I think this one is a bit older as the station is not standing yet in it.  I think no matter how many time you visit Cedar Point its skyline is always so striking with such large rides dotting the landscape!

All photos © Cedar Point