Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quassy Renames Waterpark as Expansion Continues

No longer known as Saturation Station, Quassy Amusement Park has decided that along with its massive water park expansion the facility should have a new name:  Splash Away Bay.

The name Splash Away Bay was actually considered for the new sprayground area that is being built, "but the more we thought about it, the better Splash Away Bay sounded as an overall water park title," said Quassy President Eric Anderson.

© Quassy Amusement Park
The new sprayground area will now be knows as the Fish Pond, reflective of the area's catering to smaller guests to Splash Away Bay.  It will join a new slide tower that will have several attractions stemming from it.

The BulletBowl slide will feature two person rafts that drop more than 30 feet in a gigantic bowl, allowing them to spin around the outside until gravity takes over and gently helps the rafts exit into a landing trough.

© Quassy Amusement Park
Also on the same tower will be a pair of FreeFall slides, a type of extreme bodyslide where riders slide down at a rate of more than 20 feet per second.  Together the two flumes will be able to accommodate more than 300 riders per hour.

The water park expansion is part of a $5 million plan that started in 2009 and first saw the addition of the Free Fall 'N' drop tower in 2010 and the Wooden Warrior roller coaster in 2011.  As seen in the above recent photos from the park, the construction of the new attractions in Splash Away Bay are well under way.