Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Latest on Iron Rattler

© Rocky Mountain Construction
While the holiday season typically slows construction on new rides, it's still interesting to see new views of the work completed on Six Flags Fiesta Texas' new Iron Rattler.  The park itself is still sharing some awesome shots here and there, but there's another source I hadn't realized about earlier.

The builder of the ride, Rocky Mountain Construction, also has a nice gallery going of the ride's construction.  That is where the photo up top came from, another example of the extreme banking that will be employed on the coaster.  Also take note of the ride's lift hill and partially tracked first drop ominously standing in the background!

Now that the holidays are over work will pick up, I'm sure, and hopefully soon we will get to see the first drop complete - and the instillation of the anticipated zero-g roll, the framing for which has been up for a few weeks now.