Sunday, January 13, 2013

From The Vault: Libertyland 1995 Brochure

Libertyland, located in Memphis, Tennessee, closed for good in 2005.  That doesn't mean we can't take a trip down memory lane and check out the park's 1995 brochure, though!

The park was located on the Mid-South Fairgrounds, and first opened in 1976.  Amusements weren't new to that location though, as the Fair had operated many rides up to that point in the same spot, only it was a more formal Amusement Park when Libertyland opened.

1995 saw the addition of a giant new ride the Kamikaze.  As the tag line on the front of the brochure states, they had rides that you'll flip over, and Kamikaze was certainly one of them.

The park was not shy about pumping up their ride selection in the brochure, including "Elvis Presley's favorite ride," the Zippin Pippin.  The park also offered the Revolution looping steel coaster, and about 20 other rides and attractions.

I will allow you guys to read the details, but the Kamikaze wasn't the only new item for the park in 1995, they boasted new food, games, shows, and special events as well. 

When the park last operated in the fall of 2005 its announced closing caused a lot of local residents to try to save it, however the time for that had already passed.  The Zippin Pippin (a brand new version) opened in Wisconsin in 2011, and has been quite popular since.